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About OfLUG

Østfold Linux User Group (OfLUG) is an association of people interested in Linux or other variants of UNIX, living in Østfold County, Norway.


Basic membership is free -- all you need to do is join OfLUG's mailing list. The list is low-traffic and postings are limited to important announcements.


Member meetings are held roughly every month. The typical meeting starts with a presentation on an interesting subject by an OfLUG member or a guest speaker, and concludes with a meal at a local restaurant.

You are very welcome to join us!

Board elected on 25 March 2008

President   Frode Tennebø
Vice president   Harald Nordgård-Hansen
Treasurer   Marcin Jessa
PR   Audun Vaaler
Secretary   Ola Ormset