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Information to speakers

The goal of the OfLUG meetings is to create a environment where users, developers and administrators of Unix-like operating systems meet and get to know each other, and learn new and interesting aspects of Unix, open source and free software.

Meetings are held on various locations in Østfold, Norway usually the last Tuesday each month (excluding June, July and August) at 18:00. The meetings are informal, normally with 10-40 listeners.

The presentation is expected to last about 60-75 minutes, including time for questions. The speaker should meet some time in advance to allow time for interoperability testing with local equipment. The language to be used is either Norwegian or English. The lecturer chooses which language to use.

We need information on the presentation: The title, a short summary (~1-2 paragraphs), and one paragraph describing the speaker, approximately 14 days before the presentation, to allow us to announce it properly. If possible, we would like the presentation slides in Postscript, PDF or another open format after the presentation to make it available on our web site.

Please contact the OfLUG board (styret@oflug.linux.no) if you would like to do a presentation, or if you have any question regarding the meetings.